If you're like me, you're constantly writing to Paramount and TriStar demanding to know when the life of Ryan Leaf will be made into a movie. Put away that spec script, because it's already here. Filmmaker Tim Carr has made Leaf, an 82-minute film about the former Chargers quarterback, which, according to his MySpace page, is in "limited release." I guess that's true, because tonight it will be screened at the San Diego Library. OK, Deadspin Nation San Diego; time to mobilize. If anyone can get to this screening and give us a report, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Carr, a Woody Allen fan who has acted himself โ€” he had the role of "Robert's friend" in Rocky Balboa โ€” will not actually be at tonight's 6:30 p.m. screening. He's busy re-editing the ending of Leaf to incorporate his subject's resignation as an assistant coach at West Texas A&M. Yes, that West Texas A&M.

From the San Diego Union Tribune:

โ€œI put myself in the San Diego fans' spot so many times because I'm a huge sports fan and I love my team like San Diego loves their team,โ€ Carr, a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, said by phone from his home in Delaware. โ€œI think when they see it, they might get on me for maybe taking it easy on him, although I assure you I didn't โ€“ we throw everything in โ€“ but the way we kind of left it was so people can kind of make their mind up: Maybe he redeemed himself; maybe he moved beyond this."


On the free screening:

"I insisted it be free for all the Chargers fans because it's their story," Carr said. "I was like, 'Chargers fans have been through enough โ€” let them have this.'"

Is the actual Ryan Leaf in the movie? Um, no. Carr said that he had several phone conversations with him about appearing in a cameo, but that the conversations โ€œgot progressively less cordial.โ€


The screening is at 6:30 tonight at the San Diego Library, 820 E Street, third-floor auditorium. Best Deadspin reader report will win a bunch of stuff I have lying around my office, including a somewhat-official Ryan Leaf Chargers jersey.

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