The home life at the Belichick household may become a little turbulent now that 17-year-old Brian Belichick was busted for underage drinking at Gillette Stadium during the NCAA Lacrosse Championships.

Remember it was just three years ago that Coach Hoodie's other son, Stephen, was nabbed for doobie possession, but it doesn't appear the Belichick boys are destined to become the next Garrett and Britt Reid. Although Brian was arrested in the stadium where his father spends many of his waking hours so it does feel a little Cat's In The Cradle-y. But there were 52 other people nabbed for throughout the weekend so it's not like Brian was caught sprawled out on Dad's desk clutching a bottle of Wild Turkey and desecrating the Lombardi Trophy with a pocket knife. I do imagine a scene similar to the one in the Sopranos when A.J. gets all "Do you know who my father is?" in order to impress the popular kids. Just don't start a relationship with the young Latino secretary with the baby and all should be fine, Brian.

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