We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...

It's Like Glengarry, Glen Ross Over Here...But Not


Hey Aj, I have a picture of Brett Favre getting a tattoo on his butt! Great thing is nobody knows he even has it! Let me know if you would be a player on it.

Thanks, xxxxx


What? Sure?

FAVRE PEDDLER: Im asking if you would be intrested in purchasing this picture. It is a picture of Brett Favre laying down smiling at the camera while getting a tattoo on his ass. It really is fantastic! People are gonna love it! haha


Yes. For $53.


Haha, thanks anyway bro


Oh, did you want thousands of dollars for it? I'm pretty sure it's not
going to do anything more than 10k in pageviews on the site, which
based on my calculations puts your photo worth exactly $53 through our
system. Just how it is. Maybe I could go to $107 if it does 20k.

(ED. Note: Made up calculations.)


Nope didnt want thousands. Something like this is worth more than $53. Maybe not to you and thats fine, but it is elsewhere.


Fine. Then what are you looking for?




Here's the pic. What do you think?

(Ed. Note: Not Full Pic)


Eh. Yeah. Not gonna pay for that, unfortunately. Good luck shopping it

(Ed. Note: If anyone else is interested in purchasing this photo of Brett Favre getting a tattoo on his butt, please contact this man here)

Brian Kelly Is Scared of Black People

My mom dates one of his old coaches...I wont say his name because BK just offered him a job back with him at Notre Dame. My moms boyfriend took a job coaching last year coaching/recruiting at a larger school in a different conference. Lets just say, from what I hear... When it comes to recruiting and discipline Kelly is afraid to talk to the black kids. Whenever kelly wanted to yell or discipline a black kid, hed made the other coach do it... Whenever he needed to recruit a kid from the rough parts of michigan, hed send someone else... Also... Ive heard hes a crazy ego-maniac and after one loss last year he yelled at the entire coaching staff, "IM GOING TO FIRE ALL OF YOU."

Those Journalism Classes Came In Handy

It's better than before i guess but still not great...I guess I question the techniques you guys use to confirm your information and how you go about getting your information. I could have gone on Facebook, found some kid that sorta looked like him and sent you some information saying it was Eric Berry from University of Tenessee and you guys would have posted it and possibly hurt that kids draft status because you are looking for dirt on someone. That's the impression I have of what went on with Gerald's name. Someone sent you a picture of a kid with a bandana over his face and said it was Gerald and you guys posted that.


Sounds to me like someone is a Gator Hater. I don't really care about that, but when you smear a high school kids name and reputation like that, my advice is to make sure you are sure. They were talking about your website on ESPN radio yesterday (which I'm sure is exactly what you want), but I took a few journalism classes in college. I hope you expect ethical and quality pieces with some journalistic integrity from your writers. I feel this piece and the posting that remains is somewhat lacking in that.

Again, I have tons of information and there is a great article written in the local paper here about what type of kid Gerald Christian is. I urge you and your writer to read that article and talk to Gerald and his family to find out about the real Gerald Christian. If you take the time to do that (I would hope you would since the time was taken to write and post something negative), I think you will agree that there is no way that picture is of him.

Here is the link to the article:


Paul Meunier
Assistant Football Coach
W.T. Dwyer H.S.

Apologies To Those Dominicans Who Were Offended

come to a real dominican and call him a wetback or spic. you dont know what you fucking with you hairy dirty racist asshole. keep dominicans out of your shitty articles unless you dont want bigger problems your way and this isnt email internet bully shit this is real life. and trust me you live in new york theres a whole neighborhood of mutherfucking dominicans right next to you so be careful what you right.

And There Goes Our First Black Female Reader


first we get this post on Deadspin, granted not from you:

(NFL.com Gives The Fans A (Stupid, Racist) Voice By Dashiell Bennett Dec 7, 2009 2:15 PM)

Then you deem fit to offer up a drink to, press your tiny wee-wee against, thrust your chinless-wondered, creepazola mustached tongue down the throat of and spread the legs for the world to see of this racist vitriol:

And one emailer is so irate, he can't even curse properly:

michael vick-michael jackson-majic johnson-barry bonds-cesar cedeno-daryl strawberry-ben johnson-plaxico burris-oj simpson-alan iverson-malcolm x-adam clayton powell-the nfl player who murdered his pregnant wife [nc panthers] and more....Millionaires all with serious character flaws.....has there ever been a GREAT black hero devoid of scandal? maybe hank aaron?cassius clay? tw can't be in the list cos' he's half thai,correct? that would make him a tycoon...............hope his dick ornament wife breaks his fookin' fingers-THEN his fookin bank account!

Tycoon? Are you kidding me?
How fucking mighty "Ca" (as in Cablinasian) of you.

A.J. Daulerio, kiss my "bl" ass!


And A Happy Nude Year