We're still two days away from the fake National Championship Game, but it's not to early for fans of Texas/Alabama to start hurling gross insults at each other. Unfortunately, Alabama's nickname makes it a little too easy for some.

This delightful little sign comes to you from a Mexican restaurant called El Arroyo in Austin, Texas. Apparently, they are famous for their cut-out letter insults.

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Google Maps? Well played. Anyway, I'm sure the barbs will only get more crude as we approach kickoff on Thursday night. Maybe a sushi place in Tuscaloosa can craft a witty zinger about "polishing their longhorn" or something.


Texas Already Talking Smack [Bourbon Boys]

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Well, that's it for now. Barry P. will be here later to throw some oranges at you, Hawkeye style. (Suggested topics: #orangebowl #trashtalk #cummunication #RandyJohnson) Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and hashies.