Your morning roundup for March 8, the day we didn't want to dine with zombies.

•Five-time NBA All-Star Marques Johnson likes to celebrate his birthdays by seeing if he can still dunk. Well, he just turned 55, and as all the Clippers are doing these days, he dunked over a car.

•Yahoo Sports is reporting a source that says Jim Tressel knew about his players selling memorabilia long before the school claims they were made aware of it. Have to quote Clay Travis in toto here: "I love that the 12 man Yahoo Sports department is more effective at uncovering major violations than the entire NCAA."

•How dominant was the Knicks 131-109 beatdown of Utah? Well, I could tell you that Stoudemire and Anthony each scored 30 for the first time as teammates. Or, more evocative, I could tell you that they found 25 meaningless minutes for Shelden Williams to play.

•Kevin Love put up his 51st consecutive double-double, tying Moses Malone's all-time mark. If the Wolves hadn't recorded their 50th loss, he might be celebrating it a bit more.


•Washington extended their slight Southeast lead on Tampa Bay with three periods of intense action, followed by a totally anticlimactic shootout. Yeah, it's hard to get up for regular season hockey.

•Four teams punched their ticket to the dance last night: St. Peter's, Gonzaga, Wofford and Old Dominion. You know we're into some obscure conferences when team names include the Peacocks, Terriers and Monarchs. Sounds like a furry convention.

•Texas Tech fired Pat Knight, though they'll let him coach out the Big 12 Tournament. That'll be really awkward if they win the conference.


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