For some reason passing understanding, Jerry Sandusky sat down with The New York Times this week for an interview. The entire thing was recorded on audiotape and portions of the interview were videotaped. Although you should definitely read and watch—if only to see Sandusky squirm—there's not much new to glean from this other then some fresh examples of things we already knew.

Sandusky's Attorney, Joe Amendola, couldn't advocate his way out of a paper bag:

During the interview, Joseph Amendola, Mr. Sandusky's lawyer, captured what he asserted was his client's predicament:

"All those good things that you were doing have been turned around," Mr. Amendola said, speaking to his client, "and the people who are painting you as a monster are saying, ‘Well, they're the types of things that people who are pedophiles exhibit.' "

Sandusky is at best an incredibly strange and creepy man-child, at worst a monster:

In the interview, Mr. Sandusky, the longtime defensive coordinator at Penn State, said that his relationships and activities with Second Mile children did cause some strain with Mr. Paterno, but only in that Mr. Sandusky worried that having some of the children with him at hotels before games, or on the sideline during games, risked being seen as a distraction by the demanding Mr. Paterno.

"I would have dreams of we being in a squad meeting and that door fly open and kids come running through chasing one another, and what was I going to do?" he said. "Because, I mean, Joe was serious about football."


The saddest part—aside from the part where we, again, listen to a once proud football man flounder and thrash around in an attempt to answer fairly straight forward questions in the presence of his attorney, a reporter and a cameraman—is the dog. Bo the dog may be the only one who gets Sandusky.

"'I used to have a lot of contact with a lot of people and so that circle is diminished, and as it diminished, you know Bo is still there,' he said of his dog. 'And I swear he understands. I swear he knows. And you know I love him dearly for that.'"


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