The Springfield (Ore.) Times is where you should go for this news:

Dylan Piquette and Taylor Travess took over the Springfield High School boys basketball team's game against South Eugene last Saturday, just as their head coach Eric Orton instructed them to. Piquette piled up 23 points and Travess had 19 in a 70-65 win over the Axmen, the Millers' (2-10, 1-5) first Midwestern League victory of the year.

The sensation of controlling a game was unforgettable, similar to another monumental moment in Travess' young life.

"It felt like losing your virginity, honestly," Travess said.

A couple things at play here: Is this quote meant to taunt his teammates? Is he trying to showboat carnally before them? They're a 2-10 high school basketball team in one of the nation's least popular Springfields. Many of them might not relate to the sensation. Hell, Travess is only a sophomore. And then, what's this second-person shit? Is Taylor Travess telling Springfield Times scribe Matt Singledecker that he lost Singledecker's virginity? Was he present in the next room? Or is the "you" the reader? Does he give all his postgame quotes in Italo Calvino's voice from If On A Winter's Night A Traveler? Or does he just have Hubie Brown Disease?

So many questions. But only Taylor Travess knows the answers. He's been there.

Millers end four game losing streak, take down South [Springfield Times, h/t Jeff and Tim]