We at Deadspin have had a lot to say about the Super Bowl over the past few days. It was one hell of a Super Bowl to analyze beforehand, and even better to watch. Manning, Manningham, Madonna, M.I.A., all of that stuff. And it was close. All throughout the game, our fair site was churning, with videos and screen caps and analysis and Rush Limbaugh picking his nose in the owner's box. Catch up here on what you might have missed.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, And The Genius Of The Patriots' No-Huddle Offense

Tom Brady is a fortunate guy. At this point in his career, a fourth Super Bowl win seems like cosmic overkill: He already has three championship rings, he's a lock for the Hall of Fame, and he's married to a supermodel who's nearly a billionaire on her own. At the same time, it's impossible not to admire his on-field ability. Brady has crafted himself into the perfect NFL quarterback-accurate, smart, and in complete control at all times. More »

Darren Rovell Is Super Pissed About The State Of The Playboy Super Bowl Party; Playboy Bunny Strikes Back

The photo above is a picture tweeted by noted beefcake Darren Rovell as he lamented the talent assembled for Playboy's annual Super Bowl party. In his own words "Quality of Playboy Playmates last night was not what it used to be. More »

"My Husband Can Not Fucking Throw The Ball And Catch The Ball At The Same Time": Gisele Is Pissed At The Patriots' Dropped Passes

This morning, the Patriots are talking dropped passes. Aaron Hernandez had one, Deion Branch had one, but most visibly, Wes Welker was hit in the hands on a long pass that would have extended the Patriots drive with four minutes left. More »

The Ballsiest Call In Super Bowl History

Bill Belichick may have made one of the gutsiest calls in Super Bowl history: instructing his defense to allow the Giants to score the go-ahead touchdown with just a minute remaining. The only gutsier move would've been for the Giants to respond by not scoring. More »

Eli Manning Is All The Football Hero America Needs

For the second time in four years, Eli Manning led a last-minute drive to beat the favored Patriots in the Super Bowl. Somehow, this one was weirder than the time the Giants won because a guy pinned the ball against his helmet. More »

"OMG! He's Got A Gun!" The UMass Post-Super Bowl Riot, As Commentated By Two Very Sheltered Young Ladies

We're not sure what's the best part of this video: the UMass students rioting because the Patriots lost, or the two women commentating on the action. More »

Flavor Flav Just Invaded The NFL Network Set To Give Tom Coughlin A Hug


Here's The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad That Only Aired In North Platte, Nebraska

Will Ferrell's previously done Old Milwaukee ads local to the Davenport and Terre Haute markets, and tonight he apparently extended that to North Platte, Nebraska. More »

Yes, M.I.A. Just Flipped Off The World

Eat your heart out, Janet. [NBC] More »

Here's Rush Limbaugh Picking His Nose At The Super Bowl

Ignore the undead apparition that is Steven Tyler for a moment and check out Rush Limbaugh in the corner of Robert Kraft's box. Pick a winner! More »

NBC's Photo Montage Of Tom Brady Was Just Ridiculous

NBC's clearly out to make the players in this game look as demented as possible. More »