Liverpool striker and alleged racist Luis Suarez capped off a hat trick against Norwich City today with a ridiculous, stupid strike from 45 yards out. We use the words "ridiculous" and "stupid" here unironically. For him to take this shot with an nearly open pitch in front of him (and teammate Steven Gerrard in an even better position) is actually ridiculous, and actually stupid. If this was a video game, the in-game announcer would launch into extended (but mild) criticism.

Indeed, Gerrard himself was ready to go after Suarez:

Steven Gerrard admitted he was ready to give Luis Suarez a "b******ing" when he let fly from 45 yards to complete a stunning hat-trick against Norwich.


(Note: ESPN has censored whatever word that is, for some reason. It's probably "bollocking.")

Regardless, and as much as we hate to admit it, Suarez has been outstanding coming off his ban; he's also been ridiculous and stupid, but together those things equal "entertaining." [Fox Soccer]