It's gone now, but it seems the Yankees' Facebook was hacked just now as it posted this breaking news about Derek Jeter's upcoming sexual reassignment surgery. Congratulations to the hacker; we didn't even know they had the Internet in Boston.

Update (3:55 p.m.): Looks like the Cubs were hacked, too (h/t to Timothy):

Update (4:12 p.m.): The Giants think "That Chick-Fil-A guy sure is an asshole" while the White Sox have a few things to say about President Obama (h/ts to Brent and John):

Update (4:20 p.m.): Now the Marlins & Padres have chimed in (h/t to Adam and Brian):

Update (4:30 p.m.): The Nats are in, courtesy Washington Post:

Update (6:42 p.m.): The hacker is back at it! This time, it's the Braves and Angels who get the business (h/t Chad and Ryan):

Was your team's Facebook hacked too? Let us know.

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