8-Year-Old Dies After Being Struck By Baseball [UPDATE]

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Dylan Williams was at practice for his Little League youth all-star team on Tuesday night when he was hit in the neck with a baseball. He fell to the ground and never got up.

Dylan's father, Erick, was also one of his coaches. He didn't know what was going on at first. "I even yelled at him to get up," Erick said. With the help of another father, Erick tried to give Dylan CPR. Dylan eventually had to be transported to a hospital. The following night, he was taken off life support. He was eight years old.


Doctors told Dylan's parents the Union City, Ind., boy went into cardiac arrest, but they don't know why.

“They’re at a loss,” said Georgiana Williams, Dylan’s mother. “They didn’t know how to explain it to us. They didn’t know. They did CAT scans on where the ball hit him. Nothing. No injuries.”


Dylan's music teacher has started raising money that may go to a scholarship fund, but the family is also considering starting a campaign to put defibrillators at baseball fields.

“[We want to] maybe make sure coaches are trained in CPR because I couldn’t help him,” said Erick.


Update: The headline and text of this post have been updated to reflect that Dylan's all-star team was not affiliated with Little League International.