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Jay-Z, owner of the 40/40 Club chain, is suing slugger David Ortiz for allegedly swiping the 40/40 name for his own club in the Dominican Republic, called "Forty Forty," an apparent reference to a baseball achievement no one associates with David Ortiz.

According to the suit, this vicious use of a non-trademarked set of spelled-out numbers has brought about "marketplace confusion" and caused grave damages to Mr. Z's business. His trump card: Ortiz has patronized 40/40 on several occasions, so this simply cannot be a coincidence!


Left unaddressed in the lawsuit is why on earth David Ortiz is naming his club for the rare feat of recording 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a season, as if it's something people think of when they think of David Ortiz. That's ridiculous. Don't you have to have a little power to hit 40 home runs?

Jay-Z sues Red Sox David Ortiz over club name [MSNBC]

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