A Boise State Equipment Truck Hit A Cow, And Someone Took A Picture Of The Aftermath [UPDATE]

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Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman tweeted this picture he found of what happens when the Boise State equipment truck hits a cow. There's manure and blood everywhere. Everywhere.

As gruesome as it is, we're trying to figure out the logistics of this. The impact was clearly at the left-front side. Did the truck partially hit the cow? Was it the butt part, which would explain why poop is everywhere? If you know the equipment managers at Boise State (or if you are an equipment manager at Boise State), let us know.


UPDATE: Max Corbet, assistant athletic director at Boise State, sent an email with more information:

The accident happen [sic] early Wednesday (Oct. 3) morning about an hour outside Albuquerque, NM. Neither driver was injured and the trailer, including the contents, were not damaged. The company we contract with, Air Van, rented a new tractor and was able to proceed to Hattiesburg, MS for our game on Saturday.


Still no word on how the cow's doing, though.