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A Bunch Of People Came Up With $25K So UConn Basketball Players Can Ride On Parade Floats After All

Yesterday, Mike Zaleski, executive director of the Hartford Business Improvement District, said if he couldn't get his fingers wrapped around $25K by Friday, there would be no parade to commemorate the victors of one of the worst college-basketball championship games in the history of round objects. Fine, he didn't insult the Huskies in such a fashion, but facts is facts and Zaleski needed fifty large to pull the extravaganza off.

Well today, Zaleski didn't have to worry about breaking oh so many hearts. Nineteen "sponsors" ranging from Billy Carlson Heating and Air Conditioning to Hartford Steam Boiler cracked open their wallets at an average of $1,315.79 a pop.

Zaleski said that a little more than half of the cost of the event is for Hartford's police and public works departments. About 10 percent will be for the Capitol Police, 7 percent for staging for the rally, 3 to 4 percent for insurance, 3 to 4 percent for signs and banners and the remainder for confetti, public relations, parade unit planning, setup and breakdown and miscellaneous items.


So yeah, there will be $1,500 worth of signs and banners in Hartford on Sunday.

Oh, "Husky.4.lyfe!" was brought to you by tipster he_said_something_about_my_mother_sir, who writes...

I went to HS with this kid and he transferred to UConn his junior year. He features himself as a future rap star, to the point to where he started a rap group with some high school kids that just sit in there basement and "remaster" their tracks. In the past two years they have had one gig, but they continue to make horrible tracks and post them everywhere on facebook and youtube. If you want to experience their music lookup Absolute Beatz on youtube.

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