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From the Letters to the Guest Editor department:

I'm a big Deadspin guy, and was wondering if the fellow diehards could help the cause. My wife, Stacie is in the running for the Best Damn Sports Show "Dream Girl" Contest. I'm seeing if you guys can help harness the greatness that is power of Deadspin readers... She is known in San Antonio as "Stacie the Sports Chick". She is a co-host on the Sports Station here in San Antonio every Wednesday. Her Sports Knowledge is up there with Isiah's GM's skills, but it's makes for some pretty funny radio. Anyways, It would be huge if you guys could post something on the site about voting for her. If she wins she get featured on BDSSP, and perhaps she can work in a Deadspin or YWML reference. Or just a shitload of signed Calendars, which could be sold on ebay for a whopping $3.99.

Hmm. You know, I'm thinking this is something that could be discussed on the comments, no? Please exercise your usual restraint, Spinheads.

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