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A Chair-Throwing Riot Broke Out After A Boxing Match Last Night In Argentina

The video above shows the scene at the Club Once Unidos of Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after Filipino Johnriel Casimero defeated Argentine Luis Lazare via TKO in the 10th round to claim the IBF interim flyweight title.

Via Larry Brown Sports, the Spanish-language has an account of the mayhem and what triggered it. This is what that story says in English after being put through Google Translate:

The expected fight between Luis Lazarte and Johnriel Casimero ended in scandal. The Filipino won the flyweight interim title of the IBF. Minutes later the victory was marred by the outbreak of a pitched battle. The triumph of Asian boxer on the Mar del Plata by KO in the tenth round drew the ire of many viewers who got into the ring.

The overwhelming victory of Casimero could not formalized, as hundreds of people invaded the ring. The attackers, who were identified with flags of the Teamsters Union, to hurt the Filipino boxer whizzed chairs, bottles and punches. Meanwhile, the policeman at Club Eleven States of Mar del Plata could not contain the clutter. Even the journalists who were in the area fled terrified by the brutality of the incident.

In the fight itself, the process was very smooth and sloppy until the end of the ninth assault, Casimero clearly impacted on the face of Lazarte. The Argentine felt the blow and fell on the ropes. Later, the fall was repeated. This time by a combination of blows of Asia.

Prior to the completion of combat, Lazarte had committed several offenses and made ​​the podium gestures that warmed the air. Among other things, the Argentine bit the ear of his opponent and hit him in the neck. In fact, this latter action led the referee to deduct a point. Meanwhile, visitors also had disqualifying actions over his rival and was punished twice in the fourth and the eighth round.

From scandal to harsh penalties await the authorities of the organizing committee of the evening. Even Lazarte itself could be punished very harshly. In the coming days will be released an official report with the final decision.

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