It's ridiculously nice outside, and I really want to knock off for the day and go see Jurassic Park in 3D, but the rest of the office isn't having it. So fuck 'em. Here are some internet drawings of dinosaurs playing sports.

As always, these masterpieces come from DeviantArt, the internet's source for pictures of literally anything you could ever think of, sometimes even non-sexual stuff too. The above drawing, from user SUG4RD3MON, "was inspired by a good memory at a baseball game with my matesprit (boyfriend.) i think that it's pretty easy to see that the dinosaur is playing a game of baseball."


(Credits: "Pitcher on the mound," by duncanclay/"Baseball dino," by QQ-ellie/"Cartoon dinosaurs playing football," by Martyee/"Football anyone?", by corbergh/"DeSean Jackson the dino," by 2009abc/"Dino dream," by Naotarou/"Dinosaur football," by ScarletBlaggard/"It's a stone," by *paratroopaCx/"Dino squad plays hockey," by jacobyel/"The Charasaurus," by triForce19/"Should have picked soccer," by BearPawMedia/"T-Rex Got No Game," by KEVFU/"The Brontosaurus plays basketball," by DNSRHD/"Chris Bosh #1 of the Miami Heat," by Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images)