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A Closer Look At Michael Strahan's Brothers

Any comedy show staring some who has played for the New York Giants in automatically funny, of course, but what exactly can you expect from Michael Strahan's new Fox sitcom? I've just seen the first trailer, so let's break it down, shall we?

The plot: Strahan plays a retired football star named "Michael Trainor," in order to avoid him forgetting his own name on set. Strahan moves to home to be with his parents and his brother, "Chill," (real creative writing there) who is in a wheelchair and also owns a sports bar. As the pilot unfolds we learn that the restaurant is failing and Michael has somehow lost his NFL millions. So now the two brothers are living at home with their parents and if that's not a recipe for hijinks, I don't know what it is.


The comedic possibilities are endless. Cripple jokes! White boy jokes! Gap teeth jokes! Daryl Mitchell is a pretty likable guy and he's actually paralyzed so that's some legitimate diversity. Strahan is surprisingly not terrible as an actor. It has C.C.H. Pounder! Everyone loves her, right? And the dad has certain ROC like qualities about him. Some of the jokes are not actually "jokes," but that never stopped Everybody Loves Raymond.

Fox may be on to something here. CBS cornered the market on bland inoffensive comedy shows, and despite what you hip youngster might say about them, that market is huge. So Fox is answering with an inoffensive black family sitcom, that is not produced by Tyler Perry, and won't scare off old white people. It's like The Cosby Show meets Two and Half Men, without all that racial stuff.

This thing will either last 15 years or be canceled in the first week.