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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

A Dozen Santa Clauses Throw Down In An Unseasonable Brawl

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Girl Fight in Quezon City Philippines." Tonight's commentator: Filipino Foodie Drew Lazor. (Coming next week: In the penultimate TNF collection, a Texas lady reviews a Texas-bro brawl.)

While I'm somewhat flattered that Hickey tapped me as an expert commentator for this short-but-sweet street Philippine ladybrawl, I've also got to admit that I'm not sure how much I've really got to contribute.

I've only been in one fight in my life. I think I was about 10. The subject of the scrap was that the kid I punched would not stop reciting dialogue from that year's biggest box office hits. I wonder where that kid is now, if he still likes The Mask and if he ever looks back upon the swift justice of my prepubescent blows with a mixture of fear and respect.

Anyway, the only real connective threads here are a) I'm part Filipino (as Hickey likes to remind me as often as possible, in case I forget); and b) I fall down YouTube K-holes pretty much daily. This doesn't really provide me any unique perspective, but it does make Hickey looks less xenophobic so I'm happy to help! (Ed. note: These conversations generally center around Manny Pacquiao's divine singing voice.)

I'm not fluent enough in Tagalog to fully translate the verbal part of the dispute (native speaking commenters?), but I do recognize several curse words that seem very well-placed and well-timed.

Let's start by saying homegirl in the blue top and black pants is tough. She has brawled before. You can tell my the seamless hair pull into gut kick move she pulls at :36, as well as the casual manner in which she wipes spit off her lip and hikes up her trousers, all while holding her opponent at bay by the hair (!), at :49.

Her fellow haymaker, girl in white top and black shorts, seems far less controlled in her movements, but damn if she doesn't pack a wallop too. I would not mess with either of these women.

Who knows what happened after this, but I'd like to think everyone made up and worked out their differences over longganisa, beef tapa and weirdly sweet spaghetti at the local Jollibee.


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