• What?
  • How‚Äôs his handwriting?
  • Did he write on the back sides of pages to save trees?
  • Does he know how to use a computer?
  • If he wrote this on the computer what font would he use? (Papyrus, that fucker).
  • Is he really ‚Äúrelaxed‚ÄĚ about his future if he‚Äôs writing lovesick letters?
  • Can we have a copy?
  • Please?
  • Did he spell ‚ÄúAdnan Januzaj‚ÄĚ correctly?
  • How far into his plan to emotionally torment Juan Mata did he get?
  • What kind of paper did he use?
  • What kind of ‚Äúforensic analysis‚ÄĚ did he do?
  • How would he pronounce Daley Blind‚Äôs last name?
  • Jos√©?
  • Jos√©, you there?
  • Jos√©, you okay buddy?

Photo via AP