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A Final Message From Bea Arthur: Be A Good Sport

Legendary human being Bea Arthur had many groundbreaking and iconic feminist roles in her career, but starring in a drug-fueled PSA with Mario Lemieux and Tony Fernandez has to be her finest hour.

I'm trying to picture the production meeting that made this ad a reality. "Ok, once we signed Bea Arthur then, of course, Lemieux was eager to get on board. And we got the girl in the wheelchair to round out the gang of lovable misfits who learn about the true gift of friendly competition. But I still think there's something missing to give us the right edge and really drive the message home.... I got it! We need a light-hitting infielder who speaks English as a second-language! And if Kelly Gruber's not available, call Tony Fernandez."

Oh, Canada! We stand on guard for your zaniness. R.I.P. Bea.

Bea Arthur Dies; Sharp-Tongued Sitcom Roles Symbolized Feminism's Rise [Washington Post]


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Hey, that wasn't so bad was it? Another Sunday Funday is in the books and I hope you got something valuable out of it besides a look at Ben Gordon's package. Thank you for being a friend.

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