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A Former WFAN Staffer Speaks Out Against Bitchy Interns

We seem to have touched a nerve the last time WFAN came up around these parts, including this missive from a former WFAN staffer. Email after the jump.

I worked for WFAN for 5 years and I can assure you that this intern who wrote the email was likely a moron that should not have his words published in any format. I am definitely not the Rob referred to in the post as I left the station in 2008.

With that being said, put yourself in "Rob's" shoes. You work at a station with some of the top sports media personalities in the country, including a MVP quarterback. Everyday you deal with every nimrod in New York City calling in thinking that their opinion of sports is brilliant when in reality, 98% of the time it's flat out stupid. Now on top of the thousands of nimrods, you have 30 interns a year, typically twenty-year olds who host a show on a college radio station that no one listens to yet every single one of them think they are the next Mike Francesa. In the five years I was at the Fan, there was at least one intern (the overwhelming majority are humble hard workers who are thankful for the opportunity given) a semester who thought he was a sports genius, and every semester that person is told to shut the fuck up. Based on this kid's dumb ass response to "Rob" badgering him, he was that intern from that semester and doesn't realize that he probably just blackballed himself from ever working in sports media.

If you want a really good horror story from a WFAN intern, you should try tracking down the kid who ate Mike Francesa's eggroll (Mike's response: "It's not good kid...not the worst thing in the world...but not good.").


Somebody get that eggroll kid on the horn. In the mean time, we want to hear your WFAN stories. Were you a self-proclaimed sports genius that busted various chops or was the chop bustee? Is Francesa a real Bill McNeil? Do Boomer and Carton make Opie and Anthony look like the Lumière Brothers? Do you have any other stories about people that are definitely not Sal Licata? Send them along. Subject line: WFAN Radio Days.

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