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A French Rugby Brawl, With Promotion On The Line

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Massive Brawl in french second division !!!" Tonight's commentator: Jim Saksa, a rugby player who wants his alma mater University of Penn to win the upcoming collegiate championships in Philly. (Coming next week: An epic KO in Scandinavia.)

Rugby is an inherently violent sport. Such violence often inspires additional, unsanctioned violence, because, as it turns out, being hit repeatedly can be somewhat upsetting experience. Rugby tolerates some extracurricular fisticuffs, but not all out brawling. This isn’t hockey, after all.

This video is one match’s fight highlight reel. Much of rugby resembles a street brawl if you aren’t familiar with the finer distinctions between the two, such as the former’s no punching rule. Rugby tolerates a lot of contact away from the ball, provided that the players involved were honestly trying to play the game. That’s not what we have here. We have, as youtube poster brianrugby08 so aptly put it, a “Massive Brawl in french second division !!!”

French Rugby, like most European soccer leagues, promotes the top clubs and regulates the worst clubs. These are two of the better French Pro D2 teams, each fighting to win promotion to the French Top 14 (both just barely missed the cut). Today’s match-cum-brawl has La Rochelle’s Atlantique Stade Rochelais (in the white kit) travelling to Pau’s Section Paloise (in black). I don’t know the history between these two teams, but I get the feeling that they don’t like each other very much.

The best action starts around 1:39, with La Rochelle’s Petrus Johannes Wessels throwing the first real punch. Pau’s Marlon Solofuti retaliates, and which inspires La Rochelle’s Jordan Seneca to box his ear. The shoving match before this is mere foreshadowing of what’s to come; it’s this game’s Field of the Cloth of Gold, and Seneca is our Henry VIII.

The video starts just before the game’s 58th minute. We’re almost midway through the second half of an undoubtedly chippy match, and there is some hard rucking and counter rucking. This leads to some minor pushing and shoving – the sort of thing that happens in every rugby match at some point. The video then cuts to about 10 minutes later, and that’s when things really get going. (If you’re wondering what a “ruck” is, read this, unless you are content with your ignorance.)

Normally, when a fight breaks out between two players, it stays between those two. The bench-clearing brawl is the province of baseball, after all. But when Paul’s Marlon Solofuti clears Wessels a bit too roughly for the tastes of his teammates, all hell breaks lose. Solofuti get’s punched in the ear for his efforts.

The best punch occurs at 1:54. Pau’s number 17 tries to clear a La Rochelle player off his teammate, and is punished accordingly. About half the players are fighting, and the other half are trying to break up the fights, which is hard to distinguish from the fighting.

Wessels and Solofuti are given red cards and sent off. Because Wessels threw the first punch, Pau gets the penalty. Pau does a quick restart – a “tap and go” - taking advantage of La Rochelle’s poor positioning. After some quick yards, La Rochelle’s wing makes a nice tackle. After La Rochelle commits an accidental infringement, the ref whistles play dead and coincidentally signals the start of the next fight. Seneca is ultimately sent off for his role in this one, but La Rochelle’s number 18 is the guy delivering the most damage, delivering a KO punch around 4:08.

La Rochelle might have lost the match, but they won the bouts. Winning a fight certainly feels good, certainly better than first to your temple, but still not as good as winning.


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