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A Game You And Your Nine Year Old Daughter Can Play Together

So there's this site — Tim Hardaway can tell you all about it — called Stardoll, where you can virtually dress up all the stars into whatever outfits you want them to wear. Apparently, it's a complicated endeavor, with competitions and rankings and all kinds of things that we would consider completely over the top and ridiculous if we weren't 1,000 times more obsessive about the NCAA tournament right now. (Seriously, we have thought less about some family members than we're thinking about Missouri State's at-large profile right now.)

Anyway, one of the figures you can play with is noted impregnator Tom Brady; you can dress him up right here. We think this has much potential in the sports world; we think it's only a matter of time until some enterprising soul puts together a Craig Sager Stardoll.


By the way, playing around on the site, our favorite is the Conan O'Brien doll.

Dress Up Tom Brady [Stardoll]

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