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A Glimpse Of Our Impossible Future: NFL Releases 2011 Schedule

The NFL announced its schedule for next season today, rolling out a slate of games that's supposed to excite us, even though they probably won't happen. Just like Mommy and Daddy telling you you'll still see all your same friends, as that Bekins truck rolls away, taking your childhood with it.

But worry not, we can still dream about what's worth watching. Packers-Saints at Lambeau on September 8 to open the season. Hey, that'll be fun! Jets-Cowboys Sunday night on September 11, ten years since 2001. Giants will be in DC. There'll be a lot of flags, I'm sure. Scotty McCreery, who might be your American Idol, might sing an anthem. SI's Richard Deitsch has predicted that December's Pats/Colts and Eagles/Cowboys clashes will be the most watched games of the season.


Unfortunately, though, we should consider slowing down just a fuzz—as Rick Reilly explained today, some NFL players have second jobs, or predatory loans. They don't expect the lockout to be over anytime soon. Nor does the league, USA Today says.

But, hey, Giants-Jets, Christmas Eve. Picture it, the snow falling in the daytime, you beside the fireplace, with cider on the stove, tree trimmed. That pointy finger, popping your fantasy, is Roger Goodell's.

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