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A Good Way To Troll Your Fantasy Opponents

Matthew Berry shares a delightful little piece of fantasy-league gamesmanship: a photoshopped fake update on Dez Bryant claiming the WR is out for the season with a torn ACL. (He’s not. Don’t panic.)

This is pretty amazing. Guy photo shopped this and sent around to his league to try and freak Dez’s owner out. It’s FAKE if you’re just skimming.


Best-case scenario, you get Dez Bryant’s owner to panic and drop/trade Dez. At the very least, you get the owner to shit his pants for the five seconds it takes to Google the truth.

It’s a fun and evil and understandable urge. On more than one occasion, I’ve claimed my job at Deadspin gave me inside information that a player’s injury is worse than had been publicly reported, and argued for a discounted trade.

How have you freaked out your fellow fantasy managers?

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