Today was a a weird day in State College and across college football. Here is a selection of pictures both in and out of context. Enjoy.

Even the refs got roughed up in this game.

An object moves with different speed in different frames, depending on the motion of the observer, so the kinetic energy in both Newtonian mechanics and relativity is frame dependent. This means that the amount of relativistic energy, and therefore the amount of relativistic mass, that an object is measured to have depends on the observer. The rest mass is defined as the mass that an object has when it is not moving (or when an inertial frame is chosen such that it is not moving). See babe, it's just like I said.


So stoked for the return of Beavis and Butthead.


Vanderbilt destroys Kentucky. Not the state, unfortunately.

To the bitter, bitter end.


Where's that guy with the gun?

Pre-game prayer for victims at Penn State.


Mizzou 17, Texas 5. Team Edward? ∞

"I am displeased!"