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A Map Of Each State's Most-Ignored Musical Artist

Whereas music blogger Paul Lamere's "most distinctive" map that one showed which bands and singers were disproportionately popular in certain states when compared to national numbers, this is the exact opposite.


Building off an idea from Randal Cooper, Lamere took a look at the data for a number of music-streaming services over the last year, and for each state, identified which artist's ranking was the lowest when compared to their national ranking.

You can play around with the data yourself here. Let's take Florida as an example. Whereas Haim ranks 39th nationally, it's only the 150th most listened-to artist in Florida, the state's biggest gap. (Florida hates indie rock.) You can even sort by region: the Mountain states don't do R. Kelly, the Deep South ignores Bob Marley, and the Mid Atlantic can't stand Luke Bryan.

Earlier: Each state's favorite musical artist. (This is the last of these maps, we promise.)

[Music Machinery]

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