Where I believed the hire was going was within college athletics itself, someone with a ton of business experience and expertise on how to manage an uncountable number of projects at once. That someone who understands the scope of the job and wouldn’t mind admitting running college athletics isn’t a one-person task. I’d want a Brett Yormark-type hire, who would’ve been great if he wasn’t hired as Big 12 Commissioner. The experience of working at Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment as well as Roc Nation would have served him beautifully. Heck, to serve the greater good, having the Big 12 find a new leader isn’t an inconceivable option. Someone with phenomenal business experience would’ve been too straightforward. Baker will have to spend some time in Washington during his tenure because of Congress’ involvement with the organization over the last few years. But strength in having friends in the nation’s capital shouldn’t have been enough to put him over the top for this hire.

The mind-boggling thing about Gov. Baker’s hire is that I’m not sure of his vision to change things for the better. He deserves time to prove it, but this could end up being more of the same from the NCAA. With the ability to pick a candidate from such a wide range of backgrounds, going pure political science, with no track record of sports or education, is a questionable decision from the governing body of college athletics that loves the phrase student-athletes. Baker’s not responsible for this mess. His mop alone won’t cover this spill.