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A Mexican Murder Mystery Featuring Masked Mini-Wrestlers A Roving Gang Of Hookers And Perez Hilton

I always enjoy news stories that appear to be plucked from the mind of a struggling screenwriter deep in the throes of a salvia trip. Like this one about two tiny Mexican wrestlers found dead in a shady hotel room.

Lucha mini wrestlers La Parkita and El Especrito (real names Alberto & Alejandro Jimenez) were found dead Monday inside a hotel room in Mexico City. According to local authorities, the two wrestlers had brought two prostitutes back to their hotel. The prostitutes drugged their drinks and then robbed them. The hotel clerk told police that he saw the four go into the room at around 6AM on Monday and that the two women left roughly 12 hours later. Due to their small size, the drugs ended up killing them. Both were 35. [


For more details on the story we'll turn to Perez Hilton because that's really the only place to get breaking Mexican mini wrestling hooker murder news these days:

The two were found dead in their hotel room in Mexico City. The brothers, 35, were checking into a hotel on Sunday night after a show when they were reportedly approached by two prostitutes.

After hotel staff noticed the women leave the room hours later, but didn't spot the wrestlers, they went to go check on them. The two luchadores were found lifeless, lying in the beds.

Reports are being released that the hookers belong to Las Goteras (meaning The Drops) which is a gang of whores that robes their clients after making them pass out by drugging their drinks.

Unfortunately, the Jimenez brothers overdosed on the drugs which normally don't kill men, but officials believe because the brothers were of such small size, the dose was fatal to them.

Alcohol containers were also found in the room but the ladies are still missing.

Cops are looking for the two females and luckily have found finger prints in the room which they believe they can match to the hookers.


Did the holiday start yet? No? How about football season?

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