Your morning roundup for Oct. 14, the day Snoop Dogg, a Welsh farmer and a "real big vegetable" made for the greatest broadcast news story ever. Photo courtesy of Busted Coverage, via @SirKingRyan. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

What we watched: Randy Wolf has never been an exceptional pitcher, and during October for much of his career, he hasn't had to be. He's played 13 seasons for five teams, his eight years in Philadelphia coinciding with that period just before the Phillies became a playoff fixture. In all that time, his postseason career had amounted to two forgettable starts for the Dodgers two years ago and a dreadful performance in this season's NLDS against the Diamondbacks. And then there was last night.

In a game the Brewers needed, if only to avoid having to pull off that pesky task of winning three consecutive games against a Cardinals team that's been doing everything right since late August, Wolf did not get off to an exceptional start. There was Matt Holliday's solo home run in the second, followed by Allen Craig's an inning later. Milwaukee's lineup plucked back to tie the game, and then take the lead. Jerry Hairston's terrific backdoor slide will be the image that stands out from Game 4, but if the Brewers are to advance to the World Series for the first time in 29 years, Wolf's having limited the Cardinals to just two hits over the final four innings he pitched will forever be one of the more exceptional reasons why.



The more you know: "Not surprisingly, Brewers and Cardinals fans are avid beer-drinkers. Although precise statistics on beer sales are difficult to come by, industry experts say that Cubs and White Sox fans down the most beer per patron. But 'St. Louis and Milwaukee are 2a and 2b,' said Rick Abramson, the president of the sports division at Delaware North Companies, which runs the concessions at all four stadiums involved in the second round of baseball's postseason." [New York Times]

Oh for fuck's sake: "Or would the Yankees be better off paying huge money for [Prince] Fielder, whose lefthanded swing just might produce 50 home runs a year with the help of Yankee Stadium, and using Jesus Montero to trade for pitching?I know, I know, I advocated for keeping Montero in my look-ahead column a few days ago, and I do think the Yankees should find out what he can do for them. But the point is, you can't rule out the possibility that Fielder could wind up a Yankee, slotting in between Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez as a full-time DH." [New York Daily News]


Your Elite Sky Diving Ballet Interlude:

LOLJets: "There he goes again. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes, rarely shy about expressing his opinion, would like to see theNew York Jets incorporate more deep passes into their attack. To do that, the offensive line needs to do a better job of protecting quarterback Mark Sanchez, according to Holmes. ā€˜I may be criticized again for saying it, but it starts up front,' Holmes said Thursday. ā€˜The big guys know it. If they give Mark enough time to sit in the pocket and complete passes, I think everything changes.'" [ESPN]


Guess we'll never know for sure: "According to a report from Nick Wright of KCSP-AM (via, it really was a narrow escape for Haley, as Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli was prepared to fire Haley if the Chiefs lost to the Colts. However, Pioli told the report was ā€˜100 percent false.'" [PFT]

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