A Reminder That College Hockey Players Can Be Dumb Jocks Too

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An NHL prospect and a college teammate got together for a little reunion, and did what any old friends would do: they climbed a roof, and chucked everything not nailed down in the house into the street.

Joe Finley, a player in the Capitals system, and Matt Frattin, his old college teammate at North Dakota, were arrested for disorderly conduct, among other things. Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, the pair threw everything from a kitchen table to glassware to a lawnmower into the street, blocking traffic. Just Joe and Matt being Joe and Matt, apparently:

It was their own property, so there was nobody's property that was damaged other than their own," [UND Police Lt. Dan] Lund said. "They said they just kind of routinely destroy each other's stuff."


They made things worse when cops came. Frattin ran inside the house and refused to come out, getting him a charge of fleeing. When asked for identification, Finley showed a credit card not belonging to him, and indicated the name on the card was his. That got him a charge of giving false information.

Oh, and in case you were wondering,

Police say alcohol played a role in the incident.

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