A Reminder: When You Email Deadspin, You Are Contributing To Deadspin

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Unless you specify that your email is off the record anything that comes into any author or the tips line is fair game. So be mindful of that every time you send us something. For example...

Bernie Goldberg from HBO Real Sports emailed us a while ago to defend his Lenny Dykstra coverage. He's a very nice man.

AJ (and the deadspin team)

re the lenny dyktra piece ...

just so you and will know ... virtually every lawsuit filed against dykstra came six months — and more — AFTER our piece aired on Real Sports. Hey, I'm a reporter, not a mind reader. I didn't know — and neither did anybody else — that the economy was about to tank, and take lenny with it. Just wanted to let you guys know. good thing, too, that spitballs don't bother me.

Bernie Goldberg

See? Nice Bernie.

Here's another example of an email that's on the record. This one is from a while ago. It's from some guy who writes for the Kansas City Star. Jason something. Whitlock, maybe?

show me the column where i said i'm "wholly unaffected" by deadspin.

are you an idiot?

i'm arguing just the opposite. i'm arguing that deadspin has power and it uses it completely unfairly.

you are an idiot.

Whitlock knows this already, but most of his email rants to me (or me to him) are entirely fair game. Unless specified.


Why am I being forced to remind people of this policy that we've pretty much held throughout? There's this new function in the comments with which editors can "attribute" emails and add them to the comment stream if they're relevant to the story. So, for example, the Goldberg email would have been attributed to this post on Lenny Dykstra.


And Mr. Whitlock's email would have been attributed to this story.


There you go. You've been informed. Now, continue on with your daily time-wasting routine.

As you were.