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Illustration for article titled A Report That Jerry Sandusky Was Still Recruiting For Penn State Last Spring Appears To Be False

This has been getting around this afternoon, and it is alarming for all of the obvious reasons, though it looks like it's not true. The grand jury began its investigation of Jerry Sandusky's alleged sex crimes more than two years ago, and until now there had been no indication Sandusky was still on the recruiting trail on behalf of Penn State. But that didn't stop a South Carolina television station from taking what high school senior Adam Ah Ching told them at face value, after which they aired it and put it on their website:

"He came to my last spring game going into my senior season. He liked how I moved, laterally, and how gifted I am," said Ah Ching.


Yeah. Woah. A few other sites picked up the report, but the ever-present Ben Jones of Black Shoe Diaries did the legwork to actually confirm its validity. Jones emailed Travis Perry, the athletic director at Greer (S.C.) High School, which Ah Ching attends, and Perry replied to say the story was "false and untrue." (I did the same, just to verify whether it's true that it's false. I've yet to get a response). WYFF4, the South Carolina TV station, has since posted a correction noting that Ah Ching's high school coach could not confirm Sandusky was present at a spring game earlier this year. Ah Ching, meanwhile, "stands by his story that Sandusky was in the stands."

Penn State Scandal Impacts High School Recruits [WYFF4]
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