For months now, we've been trying to figure out why, during our exhibition football game against Andre Rison and Kordell Stewart, Rison felt obliged to hug us. We felt we had competed hard, but not quite worthy of a hug. We thought maybe Andre was just lonely. Maybe he missed Left Eye?

Turns out ... he knew a bomb was about to drop. Andre Rison, our Pros Vs. Joes hero ... is going to have to file for bankruptcy. Poor Rison owes $105,000 in back taxes and child support, and, apparently, "Pros Vs. Joes" just doesn't pay that much.

As we remind again just how difficult life is for retired athletes — hey, but thanks, Gene Upshaw! — we hope Bad Moon can come through this with his head held high. And if he needs another hug, he knows where to find us.

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