Corey Perry is the master of walking that fine line between scamp and scoundrel. During last night's Kings win, TSN dug up footage of Game 1 of Perry filling L.A.'s Jeff Carter's glove with water.

Carter doesn't appear to realize until he goes to put the glove on, which makes the whole thing an unqualified success. I can't lipread everything Carter says to Perry (and the linesman), but I'm pretty sure the word "jackass" is used.


A legitimately great player, Perry's more than a pest. Which doesn't mean he's not open for retribution—in Game 1, he took a punch to the balls from Kings goalies Jonathan Quick.

Perry's had a banner season for this sort of thing. Remember opening night, when Avs coach Patrick Roy was literally busting down walls to get at Bruce Boudreau? Check the 19-second mark of this video—there's Perry, tossing some water at Roy.

And on Nov. 15, Perry took part in a drive-by snatching of Alex Semin's stick.

The jerk store is all out of Corey Perry, but it's getting more in stock soon.