A Treasury Of Pee-Wee Football Players Knocking The Crap Out Of Each Other

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The NFL Draft is tonight, and in honor of that most drawn-out of events, let's take a look at the hard-hitting players likely to be climbing Mel Kiper's Big Board in 2020.

This outside linebacker is a hybrid of Danny Almonte and Lawrence Taylor. He's got the speed to beat his man around the corner and the tenacity to break a tibia or two. Projection: Early 1st round.

Now, helmet-to-helmet hits are illegal, but any time your fullback can make a free safety cry, you've got a little Nagurski on your hands. Projection: Mid 1st round.

This defensive back is reminiscent of Champ Bailey, or even Night Train Lane. The speed to make a play across the field such as this is enough to cause random outbursts of John Madden-isms. Projection: Top 10.

Here we have a Rod Woodson/Gary Fencik type. The ease with which he glides into the backfield and gets the tackle for loss is going to make this kid a standout at the next several levels. Projection: Early 1st round.

Here's another fullback prospect to keep an eye on. His size and toughness should translate into an easy move to TE on those three-wide receiver sets. When you have a guy like this, you find a way to keep him on the field. Projection: Late 1st round.

What you have here is a future 2,000-yard rusher. Heir apparent to Adrian Peterson and Bo Jackson. Just a tough, physical runner who tries to take it to the house and shame his opponent into submission on every touch. Projection: Top 3.