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From the great NFL Wives Club Yahoo Group comes this missive from a woman who was actually on the Vikings sex boat:

Here it is 15 days after the incident and its still making headlines almost every night. As someone who can almost "pass" for a few different races, I would never normally pull the race card, but at this point I'm almost convinced that if this were concerning a group of white athletes, it wouldn't be scrutinized so highly for this long. The media are such vultures...chasing the players around through the mall, camping out at their neighborhood entrances, all trying to get a storyline.. and we wont even talk about the tabloid papers offering the hundreds of dollars for the pictures. I in no way condone their actions, neither do I fault everyone who attended the cruise because everyone didn't know what kind of smut would unfold. I just hope that everyone doesn't believe everything that the media says because I know this will sound crazy, but it really wasn't that bad.


Not that bad? NOT THAT BAD? That does sound crazy, woman! Come on. Culpepper ... he's the one who brought out the Randy Moss mask for a little "role-playing," right? RIGHT?

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