Aaron Hernandez's Fiancée May Get Immunity To Testify Against Him

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The prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial are looking to pull off a move that could vastly increase their chances at getting a conviction.

Prosecutors have submitted a petition to grant Aaron Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, immunity in exchange for testifying against Hernandez. This would be a huge coup for the prosecution, as Jenkins has been pinned as the one who disposed of the alleged murder weapon, and would therefore be the only one with direct knowledge of what happened to it. If she can be flipped against Hernandez, he's in big trouble.

According to court documents, Hernandez sent Jenkins a coded text message the day after the alleged murder, instructing her to dispose of the gun. It read:

"Go in back of the screen in movie room when u get home an there is the box avielle likes to play with in the tub jus in case u were looking for it!!!! Member how u ruined that big tv lmao WAS JUST THINKIN bout that lol wink wink love u TTYL ..... K".


Either Hernandez and Jenkins had already set up a complicated code system should a situation in which she needed to dispose of a murder weapon arise, or they are better at reading each other's minds than any couple in history.

As for what's in this for Jenkins, it's likely that the perjury charges that she's been indicted on would be dropped if she were granted immunity. The prosecution has been putting the heat on Jenkins from the beginning—she's been accused of lying dozens of times during her grand jury testimony—the point of which was almost assuredly to secure her testimony against Hernandez in exchange for immunity.