Aaron Pico's Body Punch KO Was Audible And Absolutely Brutal

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Aaron Pico is immune to boring fights. He’s fought three times, and each time, someone was getting peeled off the mat to the collective horror of the audience. (The first time, it was him.) Pico is one of the biggest prospects in the sport, owing largely to his impressive showing at the 2016 Olympic freestyle wrestling trials, where he came close to being the first teenager to make the Olympic team in 40 years.

Pico’s debut was last June; he was choked out by a middle-aged nobody in 24 seconds. Three months later, he turned Justin Linn into a puddle with a vicious left hook. Pico fought again at Bellator 192 this weekend, and he once again ended things in the first round, this time with a searing liver punch that had Shane Kruchten doubled over in an instant. Watch and hear it:


It takes a while for prospects to gel, but if someone who’s as gifted at wrestling as Pico can punch like this, look out.