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Part-time Game of Thrones extra and full-time Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked to reporters at OTAs this afternoon and finally clarified which redshirt he was in the show’s fifth episode this season. He was not the archer (“That person definitely looked like me”), nor the running guy (“Total non-athlete”), but rather the guy near the bell tower. Cool.

Rodgers also discussed how he thought the ending of the series was bullcrap because—spoiler alert, if you cared about the finale and haven’t watched it by now but still decided to read this blog for some reason—Bran Stark, who becomes king, does not have the best story in Westeros. The Packers QB thought he schemed his way to the throne instead of falling into it reluctantly.


This is a nice little analysis, and the ending of the show would’ve been more satisfying if it were the product of Bran using his omnipotent magic powers, rather than the result of a speech made to a hilariously implausible gathering by a guy with a bad beard who’d spent weeks in prison for betraying everyone. Rodgers’s rant carries some weight, since he has plenty of experience with internecine power struggles.

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