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When Nashville radio personality Sam Alex interviewed Aaron Rodgers at a party before the Kentucky Derby, he thought Rodgers was just joking around. “We gotta get you into a TV show or movie,” Alex told the Packers QB. “Is that gonna happen?” Rodgers had a quick reply before running away: “Episode five, Game of Thrones.”


Rodgers, who has always been a master of the deadpan, actually did have a cameo in last night’s episode, the penultimate of the series. He posted a photo of himself backstage on the set last night, ready to play a role as Terrified King’s Landing Denizen #12.

Rodgers’s cameo wasn’t as visible as Ed Sheeran’s, so fans really had to try to find him. A lot of people, including former NFL punter Pat McAfee, thought Rodgers was one of the archers in this scene: He’s supposedly fourth from the back.

Image: HBO

For The Win even tried to match up this archer’s profile to Rodgers, which gave the theory further credence. But others had a different guess. They thought Rodgers was instead getting burnt to a crisp by a dragon in this scene.

Gif: HBO

But it seems unlikely that either of those men are Rodgers, since they’re not wearing the costume Rodgers wore backstage. As WFRV-TV’s Lily Zhao pointed out, in a behind-the-scenes vignette, Rodgers talked about his character’s motivations for a bit: “I was helping a woman who was injured, sat her down, and then, the hell with her—I’m getting out of there!”

Zhao is convinced Rodgers was in the bell tower scene with Arya, when she convinces random citizens of King’s Landing to try to flee with her. (They all seem to die, except Arya. Another win for the Starks!) Looking at the scene, maybe that’s right.

Is that it? Maybe not! Another GoT extra, Lorenzo Antonucci Jr., said on Instagram that his character was killed trying to help Arya and Aaron Rodgers escape the destruction.


Is this Rodgers? The hat fits, and the extra standing next to him would obviously know where the NFL player was in the scene. Sure, Rodgers isn’t helping a woman escape like he said, but there’s no knowing whether the editors left in that part of his role in the final cut of the episode. It’s quite a small cameo if it’s him, though.


There’s room for a fifth or sixth possibility, so make your guess now. Rodgers has always been the elusive type.

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