Adam Gase's Eyes Introduced To New York Media

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The New York Jets do not have a Freddie Kitchens, who seems like he could be a delight even if he ends up sucking at his job. No, their new head coach is Adam Gase, the previously lauded offensive genius who lasted three seasons with the Dolphins before he was fired. The most notable takeaway from his presser today is that his body language is ... alarming.


Some of his quotes were not much better:


While Gase today looked like two different aliens are controlling his body, this is not a new tic for him, although you’ll be forgiven for not having paid attention to the Dolphins for the last three years. Perhaps this is why he wears hats so often, but his eyes seem to get wide when he’s agitated or talking about something he doesn’t want to talk about. Here’s a video of him arguing about Ryan Tannehill:

And here’s him looking happier and more relaxed when he was coaching for the Chicago Bears:

Compare those two to a portion of today’s presser. He might be a little nervous to talk about his previous failures, but he also could be stressed out to have to work for the Jets.

Maybe whatever flash Jets chairman Chris Johnson is talking about here might be the reason why Gase’s eyes are the size of saucers: