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Photo: Andy Lyons (Getty)

On a daily basis, professional athletes do things that normal people couldn’t dream of doing. But at least most of the time they seem kind of excited about their superhuman feats! Not Phillies outfielder Adam Haseley, though. In Wednesday night’s game against the Reds, with his team down a run in the eighth, Haseley made a spectacular robbery of a Freddy Galvis home run and barely even reacted, leaving everyone in suspense as he calmly jogged away from the wall with the ball hidden in his glove.


There is a full five seconds on that highlight between the announcer half-calling the presumed home run and Haseley providing the much-needed closure on the play. Though after the game, the outfielder said he didn’t mean to purposefully prolong the uncertainty.

“I think I was in shock,” Haseley said. “On camera it looks like it’s a lot longer, running in. But in my head it was …”

He snapped his fingers.

Come on, man, just admit it: you live for the drama!

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