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Adorable Soccer Lad Pulls Out Loose Tooth The Only Way He Knows How

The time in a kid’s life where a tooth becomes loose at seemingly a biweekly rate can be quite intimidating, but it can also lead to some wonderful ingenuity. Case in point, we have this young Rangers supporter named Luke, who figured that instead of just reaching into his mouth and yanking out something that was once attached to his body, it’d be more fun to complete the task in a way more familiar to him. He settled on tying a string to his tooth on one end, and to a soccer ball on the other.


Luke is a proper legend for this given that the clip shows him holding in any complaints of pain or cries from shock and instead channeling that energy into a tiny dance before scurrying off-screen.

Hopefully, the young lad will remember this moment of composure when his team is tied in a cup final and he’s tasked with scoring a late penalty. I also hope he celebrates the same way after he scores.

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