Adrian Peterson Is Ranting On Twitter About America's Godlessness

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Adrian Peterson is a great, great running back. This we knew. But we never knew before today that the young man was a budding Thomas Aquinas.

See Twitter, where everything starts nowadays:

@AdrianPeterson So I'm at whataburger in notice this sticker! A Question immediately came to mind!


@AdrianPetersonWhat happen to the pledge In Schools, before the day got started ??? ONE NATION UNDER GOD! What happen to that!!!

@AdrianPeterson "@joelsimone:separtion of church n state. Not all people believe in God." Ok yeah but that's not what our Country was founded on!

@AdrianPeterson Our Country was founded on Christianity! Maybe things wouldn't be so Crazy if we stuck to those christian Principles!

@AdrianPeterson And I do understand to each its own! I have family members who are non believers, Gay,muslin etc! To each its own I agree.

@AdrianPeterson My belief just tells me different! I still have love for them in spite, because I'm no Angel myself ! I'm not quick to judge base off my

@AdrianPeterson Life experiences I know how hard it is to walking in the right direction on a daily basics

@AdrianPeterson But again To Each its own right! I'm just speaking my mind People! No need to be disrespect! Its all love over here


We'd probably quibble with that "not founded" on separation of church and state thing—there's no founder less eminent than Thomas Jefferson, who first spoke of a separation in his letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802—but, then again, we do not have family members who are muslin non believers, so what do we know?

Adrian Peterson [Twitter, h/t Gizmodo's Kyle Wagner]