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Adrian Peterson Says Baltimore Has "The Worst Fans In The NFL"

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Just a horrible day all around for Adrian Peterson, who exited in the second quarter with a foot injury and had a prime seat for late-game nuttiness that saw the lead change six times in the fourth quarter. Peterson vented afterwards, splitting his anger between officials and fans.

First the zebras, who Peterson said blew "a million" calls, and singled out a fumble by Toby Gerhart where he appeared to have his knees down before the ball came out. "Some of the calls that were made, you just went, 'Wow. I can't believe that was called,'" Peterson said.

And on Ravens fans:

"Then, to top it off, they got the worst fans in the NFL throwing snowballs the entire fourth quarter like kids. It was a bad feeling, a bad experience."


But throwing snowballs is one of football's best fan traditions! (Throwing them onto the field is obviously not OK.)

Peterson's understandably frustrated. After announcing his intentions to rack up the NFL's first 2,500-yard season, he was passed yesterday by LeSean McCoy for the yardage lead. He "felt a pop" when tackled by Arthur Brown, and the pain was just too intense to continue.

It's being called a foot sprain, after x-rays turned up negative. Peterson will receive an MRI exam today, but doesn't believe it's a season-ending injury.

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