An anonymous reader sent us this very interesting photo of Adrian Peterson eating what appears to be a very slippery lunch of seafood and chips....just hours before he dropped the football three times in Sunday's NFC Championship game.

Is it legit? Well, that sure looks like "All Day" and those sure look like Vikings fans behind him ready to go to a game. It appears that he's eating at "Duffy's", which is mere blocks from the Superdome on Canal St. (just down the block from the Ritz-Carlton, which you can see in the background. Click to enlarge.) The photo was supposedly taken around 2:30 p.m. local time, which matches the timestamp left in the photo's metadata by the camera ... just about three hours before kickoff. Feel free to debunk, but it definitely looks like A.P. covered his mitts in a nice thick coat of greasy fry batter right before the biggest game of his career. Curious.


Now Adrian Peterson's fumble-itis problems were notorious even before Sunday's near-meltdown, but has anyone on the Vikings ever checked to see what his traditional pregame meal is? No one is saying they need to cut off his fast food intake on gameday, but at least hand the guy a wet nap before he his the turf.

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That's all for today. And yes, I know he wears gloves during games so don't bother. I suspect there might be a few things to say about the Super Bowl before the week is out. Enjoy the respite for now and thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. The Drew abides.