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Afternoon Blogdome: Just Because Your Hat Is Pink, It Doesn't Mean Your Soul Isn't Red

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Attack of the Pink Hat: You tell 'em sister: " Yes, I own a fitted authentic gameday hat, proudly on display in my Blogspot picture. That's usually my Sox gear of choice. Wearing it right now, in fact... nice wide brim to cover up a hangover with. But you know what? Sometimes I don't WANT to look all hard-core like that. Sometimes I want to look cute and/or girly and/or sparkly while still showing my support for my team. Sometimes I want to be a baseball fan while also showing off my nice, perky, 23-year-old tits in some kind of Alyssa Milano-inspired sports garb, or while showing off my ability to accessorize glitter effectively." [Mass Hysteria]

Why did Cleveland Cavs' beat writer Branson Wright lose his job?: Apparently, Mr. Wright decided he would gain a little extra income by freelancing on the side. Unfortunately, he was covering a Cavs game for another paper under a pseudonym and got caught. Hey Branson! [Waiting For Next Year]

You're no Kige Ramsey: Coming soon to the WWL: Pauly "The Plant Guy" is a fella who just oozes charisma and the sports knowledge that'll make him a star someday. [Complex]


Now, let's not drag Tom Brady into this mess: Apparently, some of the celebrity sites picking up on the Brady Quinn M4M ad story are having a little trouble identifying their handsome quarterbacks. Or maybe they just hate the Patriots. [Joe Sports Fan]

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