Can't a man just really be into synchronized swimming?: Tired of all the stereotypes, 18-year-old Kenyon Smith just wants to be part of a female group of synchronized swimmers and not be forced out because he's the only man splashing around. He has a clever retort for those who doubt his manhood: “I’m the one who gets to hang out with a group of girls in bikinis every day."Two snaps up, Kenyon. [Blog Of Hilarity]

College athletes should get some of that gravy: An intelligent plea as to why college athletes should get paid: "The truth, however, is if there is money to be made, the NCAA finds a way around all the complications. When it is time to negotiate the complications of getting a $4 million dollar per year coach onto campus, the NCAA finds a way to get the deal done. When they have to negotiate multi-year TV rights deals, international broadcast restrictions, and complex zoning regulations in order to prepare for the Final Four, they get it done. But when the athletes come to the table demanding their share of the gravy train, the response suddenly becomes “we can’t figure out how to make it work, it’s just too complicated!” This form of intellectual laziness is problematic from an organization that has gobs of PhDs in its association. " Amen, sir. [The Bleacher Report]

Kiki Vandeweghe...would like to know if you'd take this next dance: If you're not reading the Sports Hernia everyday, you're absolutely missing out on one of the funniest, most clever sports blogging minds out there right now. But most of you are, so that's a good thing. For those who are not? Fix that. [The Sports Hernia]

Lance Stephenson is hot and just wants this old man to stop talking: High school basketball star Lance Stephenson is a highly-touted player with tons of ability and destined for Division I stardom. Just don't drag him to Washington D.C. to listen to some boring-ass lecture. [The Sports Point]